We are building a data driven microbrands launchpad.

Welcome to the new world of consumer brands…

Todays consumers care more about what other people say about products than traditional brand advertising.

Technology is enabling a new direct to consumer paradigm with small but digital native brands competing toe-to-toe with large incumbents.
We are building a platform which enables us to rapidly launch, integrate and grow hundreds of microbrands.

What We Do

Trend Analysis

Scanning online marketplaces and social media channels for emerging trends 24/7 around the world.

Brand Creation

We actively listen to our customers and rapidly develop products according to their feedback and messages.

Mastering Marketplaces

Amazon is dominating the ecommerce world. We are dominating the most relevant keywords and categories for our brands on Amazon. 

Reputation Management

Online Reviews: The New "Word Of Mouth"

With our own product testing network and our software backed live tracking we manage to maintain an excellent and trustworthy  reputation around the web.

Audience Building

A smart mix of social media storytelling, influencer co-operations and online ad campaigns allows us to build a loyal audience.

500 +
1000 +
Countries served
Our platform is powered by technology, data and analytics tailormade for the unique requirements of new consumer brands.

Business Automation

Our expertise continuously flows into the development of our software in order to run more and more processes in autopilot mode. Our brands intrinsically digital DNA allows us to reach strong operational efficiencies


Algorithmic forecasting helps us to run a highly optimized production and inventory management.



Jeuxloré Cosmetics

Jeuxloré Cosmetics has made it its mission to provide customers all over the world with long, thick and full lashes and has created a classic in lash care with Superlative Lash.

Mother Nature Cosmetics

Mother Nature Cosmetics provides high-quality, trendy natural cosmetic products and, thanks to domestic production and ecologically sophisticated packaging, is gentle on the environment.


Panthrix is the go to brand for hair growth problems and hair loss thanks to biotechnology and scientific know-how.


Beauty that works from the inside out: Beautéecore provides supplements in the field of Functional Beauty.


Bold Beardix is the contact for beard growth problems. Scientifically proven effectiveness and findings from stem cell research make Bold Beardix the beard care product that makes men's hearts beat faster.

Beard Growth Spray by Beard Active

With Beard Growth Spray, Beard Active has created a beard growth agent of the first hour, which, thanks to its easy application and fragrance, has enjoyed unbroken popularity to this day.

Alparella Elements

Alparella Elements supplements support the health of your whole family thanks to their high quality and well thought-out formulation.


Push Pills, the reliable stimulant made from caffeine, guarana and green tea, ensures longer nights, more intensive work-outs and more energy for learning sprints before an exam.


Where beauty meets science: Pharmavation is the first point of contact for eyelash growth.


Luxandal, the eyelash serum of the first hour, supports your natural eyelash growth.

Pookie Boo

Attention to detail, careful manufacturing and a high-quality end product - Pookie Boo is the reliable partner for those very special moments in the first years of your baby's life.